The FAO Schwarz Fellowship Program is designed to strengthen high-quality non-profit organizations and to train recent college graduates to be tomorrow’s social impact leaders.

Strengthening Non-Profit Organizations
The Fellowship Program provides the opportunity for leading non-profit organizations to recruit recent college graduates in order to develop future leaders in the social impact sector. The program provides the funding to partner host organizations to hire Fellows for two years to provide direct service to youth/children served by the organization as well as to work on special projects designed to strengthen the organization.

Our partners are leading non-profit organizations in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Our Fellows contribute significantly to their host organizations through direct service and project work.

Training Tomorrow’s Social Impact Leaders
It is the Foundation’s hope that Fellows receive experiences through their direct service and project work at their host organizations that will launch them onto successful careers as leaders in the social impact sector.

Fellows also benefit from having a mentor from the Foundation as well as participating in two training retreats per year. These training opportunities are designed to ensure that the FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellows from several organizations can share their experiences, expertise and benefit from discussions with leading educational youth and development professionals.