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Location: Boston
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Website: generationcitizen.org
Year founded: 2008
Number of employees: 8 in Massachusetts, 45 nationally

Generation Citizen (GC) works to ensure that every student in the United States receives an effective Action Civics education.

We achieve our mission in three ways: through direct engagement with students in their classrooms, by partnering with teachers and schools to help them lead action civics education themselves, and by advocating for Action Civics as an indispensable part of every young person’s education. GC prioritizes partnership with under-resourced schools in order to address the “Civic Engagement Gap” that creates disparities in how students are prepared for a lifetime of civic engagement and leadership.

Since its founding, GC has grown rapidly, serving this year 18,000 students nationally and 5,000 in Massachusetts. In the 2017-18 school year in MA, GC’s internal assessments showed that 88% students increased their civic knowledge, 76% increased their civic motivation, and 79% increased their civic skills.


The FAO Fellow will be an integral member of the Massachusetts program team, helping ensure that the under-resourced schools we serve receive high quality support from our college volunteers and staff. The Fellow will be supervised by an alumnus of the FAO program, and will have significant opportunities for professional growth and leadership in a range of areas.


Immersion and Leadership Experience

Fellow will serve as a GC Democracy Coach during their first semester (September-December). This experience will enable the Fellow to build lesson planning, project management, and group facilitation skills while gaining deep familiarity with GC’s curriculum and advocacy model.

College Student Supervisor

The Fellow will maintain a portfolio of 3-4 college chapters and supervise Democracy Coach recruitment and retention, campus institutionalization, and classroom quality for those campuses. This will involve co-facilitation of GC’s initial college volunteer training weekend, weekly coaching conversations with each campus’ leadership, called Chapter Directors, as well as attendance and facilitation at chapter weekly meetings.

Classroom Observer and Supporter

In alignment with their chapter portfolio, the Fellow will maintain a portfolio of 10-15 classrooms in the fall semester and 15-20 in the spring. Using GC’s standardized rubric tools, the Fellow will observe each of these classes twice per semester and provide real-time coaching and feedback to Democracy Coaches around classroom relationships, student engagement and local advocacy.


Fellow will be deeply involved in the first prong of GC’s strategic plan: Strengthening Program Portfolio. The Fellow will have the opportunity to progressively assume leadership over the following initiatives within the MA site, and will serve as a critical interface with GC’s national team to ensure that local projects drive national learning and evolution for the organization at large.

The Fellow’s project work will include:

Building Chapter Management Strategies

As the Fellow develops experience leading the chapter, they will be uniquely well-positioned to identify and work to address the gaps in GC’s current approach to volunteer management within our Democracy Coach program. We are excited for the FAO Schwarz Fellow to bring a new level of intentionality to the way that volunteer chapters are managed and supported across the organization, and we believe that the perspective of a young professional will be an asset in understanding how to best engage college-age volunteers. The Fellow will gain valuable experience creating workshops, coaching college student leaders to manage their peers, and designing systems to facilitate information-sharing and support across large volunteer cohorts.

Strengthening the Community Change Fellowship (CCF)

The Fellow will assume ownership over leading and expanding the CCF program in MA. The Fellow will grow the program to serve 20 high school students, and will refine our student recruitment practices to prepare us to achieve this goal. The Fellow will also lead on developing new partnerships with potential host organizations to expand opportunities for our students to work in fields that will advance their civic leadership. This will be an opportunity for the Fellow to develop skills including project management, networking, group facilitation, and communications.

Elevating Student Voice in GC MA

GC is committed to creating authentic opportunities for students to engage in internal dialogue and decision-making. Nationally, we have a Student Leadership Board (SLB) comprised of 2 student representatives from each site. The Fellow will collaborate with the National Program team and lead the MA site in identifying opportunities to better engage our 2 SLB representatives at the local level, as well as the 10 young people who graduate from our CCF program each summer, so that we can better live up to this commitment. This initiative will be an opportunity for the Fellow to gain experience with creative thinking, mentorship, training design, and collaborative decision-making.


Applicants must be college seniors at the time of application and be eligible to work in the United States for the duration of the two-year Fellowship.

For more about what we are seeking, please see What We’re Looking For.

Please send a resume and a cover letter to jobs@generationcitizen.org by February 15, 2019 expressing your interest in working at Generation Citizen and your reasons for applying for the FAO Schwarz Fellowship.

In your cover letter, please include your responses to the following questions:

Question 1: Why are you interested in being a part of the FAO Schwarz Fellowship?

Question 2: Why are you interested in applying for the FAO Schwarz Fellowship position at this organization?

Question 3: What background and experiences would you bring to the direct service and special project work at this organization?

We review each application carefully and will select our Fellow by April 30th. Thanks for your interest.