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Priscilla Cohen, Executive Director

As Executive Director of the FAO Schwarz Family Foundation, Priscilla created and leads the FAO Schwarz Fellowship Program. She brings to this role strategic planning and leadership experience developed through experience in the private sector—at McKinsey and Morgan Stanley—and in the nonprofit sector at Citizen Schools and Beacon Academy.

Priscilla graduated with honors from Harvard Business School and summa cum laude from Williams College. She was the recipient of a Rotary Graduate Scholarship in Italy and of the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs in California. Priscilla is married to Tony Weiner, a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, and has two young adult children.

Claudia von Nostitz, Manager

As Manager of the FAO Schwarz Fellowship, Claudia von Nostitz supports the program’s outreach and operations.

Claudia completed her FAO Schwarz Fellowship in 2018 at Reading Partners, a literacy intervention nonprofit, where she conducted community outreach and expanded the program to new partnership schools. She currently teaches preschool at the Washington Market School in New York City. With a background in early childhood education, Claudia believes that all children deserve opportunities for success and is committed to creating equitable and accessible learning environments.

Claudia holds a B.A. in Psychology from Wesleyan University.

 Mari Badger,  Senior Consultant, Communication & Outreach

Mari Badger manages the website, digital communications and outreach for the FAO Schwarz Fellowship. She has worked in marketing and communications for more than 25 years, primarily in the nonprofit sector.

Mari has an A.B. in Philosophy from Princeton University.


Alex Millard, Board Chair

Maureen Coffey

Molly Ladd

Peter Schastny

Eliza Ladd Schwarz

William Schwarz

Molly Wing-Berman


Dorothy S. Hines

Caroline Schwarz Schastny

Eric Schwarz, Former Chair

Marshall Schwarz, Former Chair

Frederick A.O. Schwarz, Jr., Esq., Former Chair

Rae Paige Schwarz

Dr. Elizabeth Wing