Meet the Fellows: Molly Blake

Recess was one of the best parts of the school day as a little girl, but for my best friend, it was one of the worst parts of the day. As someone who has played sports my entire life, I always played soccer at recess and felt included.

For my best friend, it was a part of her day where she felt excluded from games that she wasn’t good at. Recess is such a crucial part of growing up and feeling respected, included, and that you are in a healthy community. Just because I had a great recess experience does not mean that every student did.

At Playworks, we strive to provide safe and healthy play for every student every day of the school year. While working for Playworks I have learned how to work collaboratively within a team, manage groups of over a hundred students, and I have gained valuable leadership skills. I love how the fellowship has allowed me to grow professionally while still having opportunities to directly serve by going to schools to work with students. In the next year and a half, I am looking forward to further developing my leadership skills and continuing to improve social-emotional learning tools for the Playworks nation.


Molly is the FAO Schwarz  Fellow for Playworks New England. Molly’s role includes developing Playworks’ social and emotional learning programs, mentoring and supporting Playworks program coordinators, and engaging volunteers to serve at Playworks’ partner elementary schools throughout Boston.

Prior to her role as a Fellow, she served as an Americorps Coach for Playworks New England, working directly with students every day at recess to provide safe and healthy play. Molly has a bachelors degree in Public and Community Service from Providence College.